5R-270 Blade

Assault Class take the lead in quick attacks.
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5R-270 Blade

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"5R-270 Blade" - Aggressive vampire tank that regenerates its strength through damage dealt. Constantly seeks out opponents for close combat. Uses his skills to wound himself.

Main characteristics:

- Strength: 350 (medium)
- Maximum Speed: 80 (very low)
- Weaponry:
- Rate of fire: medium (number of rounds per time unit (sec). If shot is delayed (sec.) = 1)
- Shot damage: 14
- Average hit rate: (high)
- Range: 300 (high)
- Skill Effectiveness: (low)
- Armor: 90/70/00 (very high)

Combat Distance

Blade benefits from being farther away from the enemy to deal damage with his main weapon (up to 300m). Blade's low mobility, low armor, and self-damaging abilities make him vulnerable in short- to medium-range combat.

Basic Skills.

"Strix Basic Weapon".
- The cannon constantly regenerates ammunition. Hitting an enemy, it charges its repair batteries. 1 hit = 1 battery life;
- Always use! No need to reload. If you run out of ammo, just wait!

"Repair Battery."
- Tank discharges repair batteries and restores 100 strength in 5 seconds. Battery capacity = 20 units;
- Use to regenerate toughness;
- 10 battery life is expended per 1 use. If less than 10, you can't use it.

"Strega Gun".
- A powerful shot from Strega's auxiliary weapon deals 80 damage to the enemy and 60 to Blade;
- If Blade's toughness is below 65, the ability cannot be used;
- Most effective when used to finish off the enemy. Because after killing an enemy - decreases the probability of Blade's death by reducing the total number of enemies on the map, but increases by reducing the current state of strength.

"Strega" Overheating Guns.
- "Strega" fires a burst of 10 rounds at enemies. Each shot deals 25 damage to the enemy and 12 to the Blade;
- Improved version of the Strega Weapon ability.


"Improved Batteries" (rank 2).
- Increases the rate of fire of the main Stryx weapon by 20%;
- The modification is effective if:
- There is a need to increase the Blade tank's outgoing damage without increasing damage to itself;
- Not enough of its own source of recovery. Then increasing the rate of fire will increase the recovery rate of repair batteries.

"Accelerator" (rank 2).
- Accelerates the tank by 5 seconds, but takes away 10 durability per second;
- The modification is effective if:
- Not enough speed to catch up/run away from the enemy (do not use if strength is low;
- In the team there are not enough sources of strength recovery and require fast tanks with high damage per unit time;

"Autodischarge (rank 4)
- When the repair batteries are full, hitting the enemy tanks restores their strength;
- Modification is effective if:
- The "Improved Batteries" modification is pumped up and the rate of battery regeneration is lower than the rate of strength loss of the tank's hull;
- Enemies have many sources of fast damage, which does not allow you to swing the "Impulse Amplifier" alternative modification.

"Impulse Amplifier" (rank 4)
- Increases the damage and loss of strength from the Strega gun by 25%;
- The modification is effective if:
- The team has enough sources of strength recovery and requires fast tanks with high damage per unit time;
- The game takes place on the map, where there are points that restore strength;

General tips

- It is important to monitor the current amount of strength of the tank. It is necessary to find a balance between the outgoing damage from the Strega gun, as well as its Overheat and incoming damage on the Blade itself. Use abilities that reduce the current tank's strength, preferably when you are sure that it will lead to the destruction of the enemy, thereby reducing the total number of simultaneously located on the map enemies and potential sources of damage.
- If there is an opportunity to use the positive effects of abilities of allied tanks, such as the recovery of strength from the ability "Alpha repairer" Mechanic, etc., try to negotiate with an ally about it!
- It is more advantageous for the tank to fight with single targets, so it is easier for him to calculate the possible values of incoming damage and in time to use "Repair Batteries" and Streg Gun.
- Before using Streg, it is better to score at least 10 battery charges.
- Do not get caught in the crossfire!
- Attack with the main gun!
- It is most advantageous to fight with tanks, the damage of which is not instantaneous, stretched over time. The longer the battle, the more times Blade has time to repair.

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