Update 8928

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Update 8928

Post by Snow Amazonka » Thu May 06, 2021 7:37 am

Time doesn't stand still. Mars is changing. Today the developers are ready to surprise you again. Get acquainted with the new update!

Spending time in fun, reaching new goals is no easy task. But to be rewarded for your efforts is always nice. And now the chat game is filled with bright themed smileys. Ready to stand out from the crowd of players?


It's time to hit the open season in Battle Pass: Season One.
- 200 levels.
- Lasts 120 days.
- The cost of the Combat Pass is 1000 Ares.

Of course, this is not all the innovations available to players. Changes in the physics of tank firing have been made for a comfortable game. It's time to go into battle and dive into the world of battles on Mars.

Going into battle is even more pleasant on a colorful technology - appreciate the new camouflage! Which of these will you choose to conquer the expanses of Mars?

- 11 rare "Carbon" camouflages
- 11 exotic "Minerals" camouflages
- 7 free theme camouflages.

Or maybe you like to decorate your tanks more creatively and you do not always have enough bright skins? Then new emblems are waiting for you:

- 10 Roman emblems
- 20 Martian military badges
- 33 text emblems.

In honor of the holidays in the emblems you'll find themed stickers that you can pick up for 1 Credit or Ares.

See you on Mars ;)

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