R5-256 Tesla

Assault Class take the lead in quick attacks.
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R5-256 Tesla

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Battle range

The firing range and most of the tank's capabilities are effective at close range (closer than 100 m)

Main characteristics

● Base maximum strength: 450 (high)
● Armor: 70/40/0 (average)
● Max speed: 90 (very fast)
● Capability Effectiveness: Average

Main weapon

● High rate of fire, low range, very low accuracy
● Damage of one hit: 16
● Average damage per second: 19 (very high)
● Range: 100 (low)


Chain reaction

● Description for the Player: "(PASSIVE): Shots hit targets in a chain within 30 meters of each other. Each next target gets 50% of the previous one."

● Gameplay commentary:

● This capability allows you to fight with a group of enemies that are close to each other. When attacking the enemy, damage is automatically inflicted to the nearest enemy.
● Thus, it is advantageous to shoot at the enemy, next to which there is another enemy.

Charge accumulation

● Description for the Player: "Hold the shot key to accumulate the charge power. Max charge power increase = 5x."

● Gameplay commentary:

● This capability allows you to make one powerful shot. Unlike a conventional shot, such a shot always goes exactly into the sight, does not deviate.
● The effect of "chain lightning" extends to a powerful shot, that is, it is also advantageous to shoot at the tank next to which there is another enemy.
● This capability is effective when playing through a fast strafe (mode of movement, sideways) due to the obstacle with a fully charged weapon. Immediately after inflicting damage with a maximum charge, hold down Left mouse button (LMB) (main weapon) in order to quickly use up all ammunition and reload faster (to maximize damage).
● It is also advantageous to "accumulate" the charge while approaching the battle zone, when the Tesla moves around the map
● If the charge is not fully accumulated - you can shoot, but the damage will be less.


● Description for the Player: "The tank hits all targets within 30 m radius around it, dealing 50% absolute damage to them".

● Gameplay commentary:

● Massive capability with a small radius of destruction. Better to use for a group of enemies at short distances.
● It is advantageous to use against armored opponents (Guardian, Wyvern), the capability ignores armor
● The capability does little damage, but often recovers and hits multiple enemies

Ball Lightning (Ultimate)

● Description for the Player: "Ball lightning inflicts 100% of absolute damage per second to enemy targets in its path. Discharges hit all enemy targets within 30 meters of the projectile and inflict 10% absolute damage every 0.2 seconds".

● Gameplay commentary:

● Lightning is capable of passing through obstacles.
● Maximum damage will occur when chasing a single target. The speed of movement of the ball is comparable to the speed of tanks movement.

Improving capabilities during the battle

At Level 2:

Charge capacitor

● Improvement for capacity: Accumulation of charge
● Description for the Player: "The tank can release twice the charge"

● Gameplay commentary:

● This upgrade is relevant when playing on a large map. Since the time required to accumulate the charge is 2 times longer, the time during which the tank does not attack also increases.
● It can now take up to 10 seconds to accumulate charge


Lighting Power Unit

● Capabilities upgrade: Chain Reaction
● Description for the Player: "The radius of the Chain Reaction spread increased to 100 m"

● Gameplay commentary:

● After this upgrade, chain lightning will almost always hit multiple enemies (if they are fighting nearby)!

At level 3:


● Capabilities upgrade: Grounding
● Description for the Player: "Ground damage is increased by 2 times"

● Gameplay commentary:

● The upgrade is relevant, against armored tanks.
● Also, if the player relies more on capabilities than on the main weapon


Maxwell generator

● Capability upgrade: Grounding
● Description for the Player: "Grounding radius increased to 100 m"

● Gameplay commentary:

● This upgrade is recommended for players who avoid close fighting and try to stay away from enemies
● Now it is not necessary to approach the enemy very close to touch him with "grounding"

Tank's strengths and weaknesses


● The largest linear speed of game movement;
● Mechanics of movement (levitation), can move in any direction. Sideways, backwards, etc. You can circle around the enemy, always facing him with the armored front;
● Pssibility to fight with a group of enemies;
● High strength compared to other stormtroopers
● The type of capabilities damage ("Grounding" and "Ball Lightning") - absolute, passing through the enemies armor;


● Very short battle range (up to 100 m);
● Non-trivial control, it takes time to get used to
● Low weapon accuracy, for effective battle you need to fight almost head-on.

Effective gameplay type

Due to its high speed and unique movement mechanics (simplifying strafe), the tank easily catches up with any target, drives behind its back (since there is a minimum armor value), simultaneously shooting, and easily finishes off the enemy with the Grounding capability. If the enemy is with high strength, it is necessary to use the ultimate in advance and, together with the flying ball, approach and attack / load the weapon.
One of the most outstanding features of the Tesla tank is the capability to fight multiple enemies at once due to the main weapon and abilities working on multiple targets.

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