Update 8570

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Update 8570

Post by Snow Amazonka » Sat Mar 27, 2021 4:50 am


There have been changes on the Red Planet. Ready to roll your tanks out onto the Martian battlefield?

Daily missions are getting even more interesting:

- A new type of daily tasks has been added that requires a victory in 1 match. The total number of tasks is 12+ (+1 task for each tank that is not a base tank). The cost of reward is 100 credits if this is the first completed task of the day, 20 credits if it is repeated;
- Now if you complete all tasks at each difficulty level, the next day tasks of all difficulty levels are added at once (not 1, as before);
- Task "Put any emblem on any tank" moved to the section "Difficult". Reward for completing it was changed to 400 credits for the first task per day and 80 credits for the second task.

This is not the end of the changes. To make the game even more interesting for all players, we have added achievements.

- At the moment, there are 16 initial achievements. All of them are hidden until they are completed. When completing all of the achievements, the player will receive a gift.

Also added to the game penalties for inactivity:

- A player is considered inactive if he does not receive combat experience for 4+2 minutes. A player who is considered inactive does not receive an award for the match.

Do you like to decorate your tanks? Is standing out from the crowd as important to you as winning? Then the following news will make you happy.

- The prices of Wing 1, Wing 2, Wing 3 and Beast Wing emblems have been changed. Prices have been reduced to 1125 Credits/25 Ares from 2250 Credits/50 Ares;
- All emblems sold only for Ares have been raised from 20 to 30 battles;
- Added community text emblems for sale:
● Iron Heart;
● Press "F";
● Unbreakable;
● For Mars!
● I love EXOTANKS.

Minor Changes:

- Added grid of tanks classification by roles in Hangar;
- Added possibility to zoom out the camera in battle (on the mouse wheel);
- Reduced recovery time of tanks after death for "Capture" and "Death Battle" modes. Recovery time = X*7 seconds, where X - tank level;
- Fixed collisions in locations. Potential number of stuck tank locations reduced.
Fixed critical bugs and errors.

See you in battles!

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